Brayden’s desire to become an attorney dates back to his Pre-K days, just after finding out that being a farm pig probably wouldn’t pan out. He originally thought that he might like to represent criminals, but his parent’s contentious, grueling, and all around awful (thanks, Mr. Sperm Donor) divorce and custody battle made him realize that he wanted to relive those days of his torturous youth, over and over again, for the rest of his career. What he and his mother went through is indubitably what drives him to assist clients during what can be the most difficult time of their lives. Brayden is also a shining example of what good a divorce can do in a child’s life. After their tumultuous experience, his mother remarried, and Brayden was blessed with the best father he could have ever asked for. So good, in fact, that Brayden drafted the adult adoption papers himself and asked his new, perfect dad to adopt him.


In his junior year of high school, Brayden suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). He was in the hospital for over a month and developed chronic severe migraines, a form of ADHD, and a surprising lack of filter from the injury. Despite being gone for the second half of his junior year, Brayden graduated in the top ten percent of his graduating class at Moore High School, obtained a Double Honors Degree from Oklahoma State University (Psychology and Philosophy), got into law school at the University of Oklahoma, graduated, and became a licensed attorney, or as he puts it: “Achieved all he could wish for and more.” An added benefit of the TBI is the quarterly injections of Botox to curb his migraines, and wrinkles. All in all, we are extremely happy to have Brayden in our office and trust him implicitly to take care of clients who make the wonderful decision to call B.I.C. Legal their home.

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