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Brian has an extensive background in business and development, having worked with several businesses to help them grow operations, expand offerings, open new business lines, and acquisition/relaunch projects.  While it may seem that he has trouble holding down a job, he claims it helps him relate to clients and litigants from all walks of life (spin).  Brian has worked as a chamber of commerce executive and economic developer, working closely with community, educational and business leaders to further economic growth and create an environment where businesses could thrive.  He also has experience in building coalitions and working with policy makers to enact policy changes at the state and federal levels, and he has worked for causes and candidates in elections and strategy.  Most of the attorneys in the firm have either forgiven him for his political views or at least choose to ignore them.

Previous career highlights include serving as the Executive Vice President of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, as Executive Director of the Academy of Leadership & Liberty and Director of Government Relations at Oklahoma Christian University, and as a former official voter for the MTV Video Music Awards - where he voted heavily for Justin Timberlake.  Brian’s career includes public service as an Assistant District Attorney, legal and small business experience as a private practice attorney and entrepreneur, and higher education experience as an administrator and adjunct professor.  He also claims to be king of road trip singalong and that he has won awards for his dancing in cars, but neither of these claims could be verified.


Brian has designed and delivered programs that have been featured on CNN, Fox News, and affiliates of ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. These programs include Four Star Leadership with General Tommy Franks, training young leaders from around the world; Peace Through Business Rwanda, working with emerging women business leaders from Rwanda; Complex Dialogues, studying incarceration rates and criminal justice in Oklahoma, a program which resulted in legislative reform at the state level; and the Oklahoma Sports Leadership Academy, working with professional and college athletes to help develop the next generation of leaders.  He is still waiting for music executives to return his calls to start a boy band with at least one member over the age of 40.


Brian and his wife Becca have two children: Tyler and Melynn.  Most people instantly like Becca way more than they like Brian, and thankfully the kids take after their mother.  His hobbies include working out and trying to eat well, but don't ask him about that unless you have a couple of hours to spare.  He is also a high school sports color analyst, but no one knows how he got that gig.

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