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During her life, Debbie has excelled in pretty much everything she has put her mind to. From going to college on an athletic scholarship, being the Vice President of a bank, to being one of the most highly respected, sought after, and skilled paralegals in the Oklahoma legal community, Debbie continually demonstrates her ability to exceed expectations and baffle any and all onlookers. She has personally worked on over 1,000 legal cases involving all of the following and more: Divorce Actions, Adoptions, Guardianships, Estate Planning, Civil Matters, Guardian ad litem Matters, and even Capital Murder cases. Debbie is certainly one of a kind and we count ourselves lucky to have such a seasoned paralegal in our arsenal.


A bonus to having Debbie grace B.I.C. Legal with her presence is the multitude of mathematical capabilities she brings to the table. Whether we’re needing help on an exceedingly difficult child support computation or need her to draft a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) to transfer interest in a retirement account, we can be sure it will be done to the client’s and the Court’s satisfaction with Debbie at the helm. Drafting QDROs is by no means an easy task and many offices contract their QDROs out of office. However, thanks to Debbie, Oklahoma’s QDRO Queen, we are able to keep them in house and are often asked by other lawyers for Debbie’s help in drafting, correcting, or amending their client’s QDROs.


Debbie is a crucial part of the B.I.C. Legal family, so crucial in fact that the attorneys are the “head of the family” but Debbie is the neck, as she is able to turn the “head” any way she wants. While she does enjoy her day to day with her B.I.C. Legal family, Debbie truly cherishes any time she gets to spend with her real family. The times she treasures most are those she gets to spend with her husband, Grover, her children, her grandchildren, and her parents.

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