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Whether you are adopting a child, divorcing a spouse or becoming guardian of a loved one, retaining counsel is one of your most important decisions. Every area of law we practice involves a major life change. Our mission is to help people navigate the legal system and adapt to their new lives with as little stress as possible.

Personal Experience. Everyone in our office has chosen family law for a reason – and it isn’t to get rich. Whether it is enduring a custody battle, adopting a child, or losing a parent, the lawyers and staff in this law firm have all, in one way or another, been in your shoes. We are all personally aware that these matters require a dedicated lawyer by your side.

Honesty About Outcomes. So many lawyers promise the moon and fail to deliver.  Our office will level with you. While we never promise the outcome of any given case, we have enough experience to tell our clients whether the outcome they want is reasonable. 


Communication. We understand this process is foreign to most of our clients.  We pride ourselves on customer service. When you are in our office or have an upcoming court appearance, your attorney will dedicate themselves fully to you. We are incredibly lucky to have a staff with decades of experience. If your attorney is working on another case, a staff member will return your calls and emails and ensure he/she gets an answer to any concern you have from your lawyer. Additionally, you will receive a copy of every important document received, drafted or filed in your case through the mail. Because of this practice, you will always have a complete copy of your file. We want our clients to be well informed of the progress of their case.

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