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Betsy has been an attorney for fifteen years. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Central Oklahoma on the President’s Leadership Scholarship. Betsy now practices exclusively as a family law and appellate attorney.  Betsy served on the board of Epic Charter Schools from 2013-2021. In her free time, she loves going to the lake, cooking, listening to true crime podcasts and spending time with her family. Betsy resides in Norman with her two daughters.  Click here to learn more about Betsy!


Donna started her career as an attorney after being in the workforce and deciding her degree in elementary education was a huge mistake. She knew she wanted to help others navigate the probate process like a lawyer did for her when she was Personal Representative of her father’s estate. Donna is our Wills, Trusts, and Estates guru and assists clients with Probate, Durable Powers of Attorney, creation and administration of Trusts, and estate planning. She also loves working with the elderly and assisting their families navigate the Guardianship process.  While she never thought she would want to practice family law, her life experience helps her relate to her clients, and it has become an area of law she
loves.  Click here to learn more about Donna!

Richard grew up in Wewoka, Oklahoma and graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Accountancy majoring in accounting and business administration. Then went on to attend law school at The University of Oklahoma College of Law. 


Richard has been licensed in Oklahoma since 2006. He then went on to a career at Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma for 17 years where primarily represented clients who had experienced domestic violence and finished his career there at Deputy Director.


He has served as President of the Cleveland County Bar Association and continues to serve on its Executive Board. Has served as the President of the Oklahoma County Law Library Board of Trustees. He also has served on the Advisory Council for Palomar: Oklahoma City's Family Justice Center. And served as Chair of the Oklahoma Bar Association's Law Day Committee.


Richard also currently serves as Secretary on the Norman Pride, Inc.'s Board of Directors.  

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