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March 16, 2020

RE:    Precautions Due to COVID-19


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Due to the rapidly changing situation related to the spread of COVID-19, our office has elected to take immediate precautions in order to protect you and our staff.  In our type of work, we deal with the public daily. We also realize many of you are going through a variety of stressful legal matters that may ultimately affect your financial situations, relationships with your children and families, and your futures.  Our goal is to continue to provide service effectively but minimize the risk to you and our staff. 


Courtroom protocol will be changing daily.  We anticipate orders suspending in-person court appearances are forthcoming in many court houses. We will do everything we are able to ensure a speedy resolution to pending issues in your cases, but this may not be possible.  This being said, we will also be gracious when dealing with opposing parties and attorneys – as many may be high risk, have compromised immune systems or be caring for elderly parents or small children.


Effective immediately, we will be conducting all client/attorney meetings via telephone, FaceTime or the Zoom application.  We will only conduct in person meetings if there are no other options. 


Our team feels strongly that your safety is a priority.  We also take very seriously our social and moral responsibility to follow both CDC and local health professional guidelines.  If you have the ability, work from home.  Follow guidelines about social distancing and hand washing.  Check on your friends and family frequently. We can only reduce the spread of this virus together. It is going to take patience, kindness, and changes to standard operating procedures.


We love every one of you.  Thank you for your patience during this time.


XO,  Betsy, Holly, Donna, Brian, Debbie, Rachael, Katie & Bre

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